Personal Budget Planner

Personal Budget Planner

April 20th 2011 8:59 pm


The importance of setting yourself financial goals, both short and long term, is to be noted in the financial climate we all ...


The importance of setting yourself financial goals, both short and long term, is to be noted in the financial climate we all find ourselves in at the moment. Some people have a rough idea of where their money goes by skimming through bank statements every month, others choose to use sophisticated planning software to keep track of every bit of income and expenditure that runs through their bank accounts. For those of you who are more financially prudent than the former, but have no need to be as obsessive as the latter we have built an online personal budget planner. A tool that not only provides an excellent basis to project/forecast future incomes against expenses but also can give you a breakdown of how your current income and expenditure is being used. In as little as five minutes you will have a breakdown of your taxes, tax credits, child benefit and expenses in an easily digestible format. Tax calculations are done over any income source you enter, from PAYE and Self Employment through to Capital Gains and Property Rental profits. You expenses are automatically 'totted' up and measured against your income. This works just as well for joint income households or single incomes. Our tool differs from others by anonymously offering up information on the spending habits of people with similar lifestyles to you. You can see how much other people like you spend on their mobile phone on average, or on household shopping etc. This can help you to see where you have a scope to cut expenditure. Once you have entered your income/expense you can print off a full budget plan which can also be used as an income statement if you are negotiating debts or similar. Give the free online budget planner at a try!

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